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Finished 2011 with one last run for the books

This afternoon I ran the last 3.85 miles for the year 2011.  Kept it to a 10:00/mm pace on a treadmill at LifeTime because 1) I wanted to run in a warmer environment to remember what that felt like (smile), and 2) because after the run, I spent 15 minutes in the Jacuzzi to relax before heading home to a gathering of a few friends to bring in the New Year.

All that is left now is packing for the trip to Disney, a CardioPoint Assessment on Monday morning followed by a little 'light' cross training, and a short run on Tuesday to kickoff 2012, before we jet down to Orlando, FL!  Be calm my nerves!  Yep!  I am just a little excited, nervous, and ready to rock!

I need to think about my goals for 2012.  I will try to get them posted on my regular non-running blog tomorrow sometime.  I have to admit that I have been doing so many posts here, that my other blog has been woefully neglected.  I need to give that poor thing some attention....

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