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Waiting for Disney... and making a big decision!

I have been trying to keep busy this week because all I can think about is Disney! Wednesday, I went to the gym to do some cross training. I decided to do some cycling. I brought along my iPad so I could watch the 2009 Star Trek Movie (oh yes, I love Star Trek and SciFi stuff in general) while pedaling away. I thought I would do about 15 miles, but alas, I rode about 9.5 miles before my rear end decided it had had enough. My legs felt fine but the butt was decidedly uncomfortable. I guess I better bring a pad or get some bike shorts or something if I am going to do more cycling. LOL

Today was a Tempo Run. I waited until the sun came out and the temp was around 40 degrees. It was so warm that I only wore shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, some compression knee socks, a light vest (because it was windy), gloves, and a visor. There were slick areas of the ground from earlier freezing but as long as I ran where the sun was shining down, I was safe from any ice. I ran for 4.68 miles at a 9:38 pace and things felt pretty good for the whole run.

About an hour after my run, I met up with my friend Mike for lunch. Of course, most of our conversation was related to our upcoming Disney races, how our tapering was going, if we were 'ready', and a little about Christmas services. Our first restaurant choice was way too crowded so we went to a different place (which has much better food, actually), The result: Lunch was yummy!

Mike is great at keeping me grounded, so I often throw ideas out to him to see what he thinks about them. Today, we talked about whether I should consider running the Chicago Marathon in October 2012. I am running the Chicago Half in early September, and kinda figured if I lay out my training plan right, I could fold the Half into my overall prep plan for the Full. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy thinking I could do this, given my current endurance/fitness level, my 2012 race schedule, and my training plan. Mike was pretty supportive of the idea, given I put together a solid training plan.

Well, after talking with Mike (and another friend & marathoner Jackie), and after discussing it with my wife, I have made the decision. The 2012 Chicago Marathon will be my first full marathon event! I feel good about this! I believe I can do it! And, my wife is going to volunteer at the race so maybe I can get my cup of water from her at the water station! That would be sweet!

Joe Taricani (host of The Marathon Show) had already told me that I was destined to run a marathon in 2012 -- even though my 'plan' was to have the 2013 Disney Marathon be my 'first'. I still plan to run the Disney Full in 2013 (it is the 20th anniversary of that race), it just won't be my 'first'. And that might be a good thing, as I will have experienced a Full already and might enjoy the Disney Full more, knowing what to expect both mentally and physically. And I will have plenty of time to recover from that race and still maintain my fitness level for the Disney race in January.

One other change I am making is not to run the Disneyland Half Marathon on Labor Day weekend. That race was too close to the Chicago Half, and the costs involved were not insignificant. So that race (and my Coast-to-Coast medal) will have to wait until 2013. I am okay with that. They will be mine eventually.

Wow! It looks like 2012 is going to be an amazing year for me running-wise. It starts with the Disney Half and ends with the Chicago Marathon (with a bunch of races in between). I just have to be smart, careful, healthy, and stay injury-free. Hmmm, it just occurred to me... I hope I am not suffering Taper Madness which is causing me to think I can run the Chicago Marathon! Nah, I vetted this with several people I trust to give me honest feedback.

Now, I just need to stay calm as Disney slowly approaches! Every logistical detail has been taken care of. All I need to do is pack. Oh my gosh! Next week is going to be EPIC!!!!!!


A week of lower mileage

This week is my first 'tapering' week.  On Monday, I had a good TEAM Fitness workout! A new trainer was doing the class now, Dee, and she is tough. She is an Army officer and she is no nonsense! Oh man, did my shoulders ache afterwards! We did many minutes of push-ups; we did many minutes of various types of sit-ups and crunches; we worked triceps, bicep curls, LOTS of step-ups holding a heavy ball over our heads, squats, shoulder press, jumping jacks with a 18lb bar, and leg lifts.  Thankfully, this class was only an hour! That'll teach me to miss a few sessions! I had some twinges in my right knee, leftover from my LR, so I was very careful with the jumping jacks and squats but it feels fine now.

This morning, I went for an easy run through the neighborhood.  3.5 miles at a 10:00/mm pace and everything felt pretty good.  I wanted to run further but I had started out later than usual, and I did not want to be late to work.

Saturday will be my 'reduced' Long Run of 6 miles.  I am going to run a "Virtual 10K" sponsored by a runner/blogger.  Why not, right?  And that will end my first week of Tapering -- only 10 miles!  That just seems weird, running such a small number of miles for the week.  Next week is going to be pretty much the same.  Weird!