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The "Take Him With You" Podcast interviewed me about my Journey

Over three years ago, I connected with an online community at "Treks in SciFi" -- a web site, forum, and podcast devoted to science fiction and fantasy lovers. And with me being a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan, it was a natural fit; and I have met some fantastic friends there.

Among those new friends were Rick and Amy Moyer from Washington (state). They are great people. And they have their own podcast called "Take Him With You" which offers spiritual encouragement, focusing less on the secular 'church' and more on developing a personal relationship with Christ.

The podcast covers lots of different topics that affect the lives of everyday folks. They approached me a little while ago, asking if I would share my 'weight loss' journey with their listeners as a way of encouraging and inspiring others to perhaps start their own journey towards healthier living.

I was excited (and nervous) about doing a podcast with them again (my last podcast with Rick was for Treks in SciFi where we covered the TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman"). It was a lot of fun to talk with them about how I got started on my journey, how I started exercising and running, and how I stay motivated to keep moving forward.

If you would like to listen to the podcast, you can download it via iTunes or listen to it online by clicking here. It is my hope that something in my words will encourage and inspire you to continue or begin your path towards a healthier 2012!